18 Hilarious Pics That Prove Huskies Are Doggone Weird

1. Husky vs hair clip


2. He loves his new sister

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3. 3 huskies adopted this cat


4. Anyone else have a dog like this

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5. My girlfriend had a chance to trim one of her client’s dogs. He was so well behaved.

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7. Job interviewer: any special skills?

8. First time seeing a kangaroo

9. This husky randomly appeared while I was pooping

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10. Mum Pretended To Throw A Ball And Caught The Exact Moment I Realised She Had Betrayed Me. She Found This Very Funny Indeed

11. My dog Diesel trying his hardest to lick and chew through the glass back porch door…

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12. I tried to create some personal space with my knee, but he’s a husky and personal space is not allowed.

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13. Can you tell my husky was raised by cats

14. A Family Went To Movie For 3 Hrs Came Back To This That One Paw Print On The Bed: “Wait, I’m Not Allowed On The Bed. I’m Such A Good Boy.”

15. Husky adjusting to cat owners

16. “I found a schtick”

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17. I think my husband broke the dog.

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